CEO Training Day

Posted: 06 August 2014

On Tuesday 5 August, we organised a CEO training day for a group of eight clients to come together and discuss some of the key issues that they were dealing with, within their businesses.

Some of the issued covered were –

  • Determining Key Performance Indicators and setting up meaningful reporting for senior management
  • Budgeting and cash flow
  • Looking at marketing from a strategic (or Why) perspective.

We were also extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to be taught how to combat shoot and then be run through some scenarios to test out our skills.

The tie back to business was Striving for Excellence. The problem is not making a mistake but learning and correcting the mistake – so you are a little closer to perfection.

We also learnt there was a pain penalty for getting it wrong on the day.

As one of the participants emailed me:

 To Dave and Neil, thanks for allowing us to participate in this training that is usually restricted to professional people that protect our country. You guys very obviously do a great job in training them and I particularly like the way you relate a lot of the training scenarios to our everyday battles in business, it puts an intense perspective on reasons to strive for perfection, thanks.

As part of the day $700 was donated to Tewantin Rotary club – Kids Breakfast program.

Sam and I would like to thank all the participants for their openness and contribution on the day and to Dave and Neil for allowing to participate in the unique experience.