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Visit to our Indian Team.

Visit to our Indian Team. In mid July I visited our team in Ahemedabad, India.   Ahemedabad has a population of around 7 million and is the sixth largest city in India.   It was great to meet the team and get an opportunity to sit down with...
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Preparing your Management Rights for Sale

           Preparing your Management Rights for Sale This week the RAAS group held a conference in order to educate all those interested in preparing their business for sale.  A range of speakers from different specialties, [Accounting, Legal &...
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New ASIC fees for the 16/17 year

  New ASIC fees for the 16/17 year. To Register a New Company $469.00 (was $463.00) Late lodgement fees If paid within 1 month after payment due date –$76.00 (was $75.00) If paid after 1 month of payment due date –$316.00 (was $312.00) Annual...
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