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Accounting, Management and Business Development

Here at McAdam Siemon, we offer peace of mind by setting our prices as a fixed fee structure.  After a discussion with our team, we will identify what you need from us and set your monthly/annual rate so you know how that fits into your budget.  We are focused on making your business grow the right way, taking away doubt is one of our strategies.

What a disaster: How smart businesses avoid devastation when disaster strikes

Disasters. They happen. In personal lives, and in business. That’s not being negative, that’s being real.  Every day disasters affect families and businesses somewhere in the world, but it always seems to happen to someone else, doesn’t it? Touch...
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Selling your management rights business? Six quick tips for successful letting appointments

Looking to sell your management rights business? Increase the chances of a smooth transition by following these six auditing tips for letting appointments…
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Purchasing management rights or an accommodation business? Are multipliers worth the fuss?

Looking at purchasing a management rights or accommodation business? Don’t get too wrapped up in multipliers. Focus on what really matters to the business…
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