Illegal drugs easy to get

News 9 spoke to three men in recovery programs about how they accessed illegal drugs. Seth LaRoche, 19, said he recently survived a carfentanil overdose.

“I wanted to die,” he said. cheap jerseys “I needed a miracle to happen, and it happened.”

LaRoche said it wasn’t hard to find drugs, whether it was on the street or at a gathering with friends. He said it doesn’t take much to get connected with the drugs he wanted and needed.

“I was doing anything between 3 5 grams a day,” he said.

LaRoche said drug dealers are everywhere and ready to make money. He spent hundreds of dollars per day.

“I could blow my whole $600 paycheck in a day, two tops,” he said.

That was a rate he couldn’t keep up with, so he started to steal.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “It could be your best friend, mother, grandmother it doesn’t matter. The drugs are more important than anything.”

Brian Ethier said he would spend $50 $60 per day on meth, getting drugs from connections he made years ago.

“Friends from high school it really wasn’t that hard to find,” he said.

Ethier said some users he knew would drive to Massachusetts to get a better deal.

“Because it’s cheap, and then you come up here, and it’s quadruple the price,” he said.

Donald Jennings said that he has crossed the border into Lawrence, Massachusetts, a few times to buy heroin.

“You just go to a street corner, and people will come, seeing New Hampshire plates, and offer you anything,” Jennings said.

He said that his addiction cost him $20 per hit, three to four times a day.

“Getting it was easy, whether I had money or not,” he said. “There are always people willing to do favors or want favors, and they will pay off in drugs or however it is.”

He said that when the addiction takes over your life, you don’t care where it comes from or how you get it.